Monica is uniquely gifted as an Organizer!  She has been an incredible support to me in my home, as well as helping me organize events I have hosted, and supporting my aging mom when she was downsizing. Read more...  C.T., Mtn.View

Monica brought beauty and order to my home. I wanted a more pleasant home, but did not know how to start.  When she visited the first time, she asked questions, listened, and got a sense of problem areas in my home.  Read more...  T.C., Sunnyvale

Monica took me from Confusion to Solution! To my surprise, her process of moving me from, Indecision to Precision was painless.  Read more...  B.E., Menlo-Atherton

Monica's approach to simplicity in my home was two fold. She came in with a caring understanding attitude that was also strong and encouraging.  Read more...  J.N., Battleground, WA

Monica was a great help in organizing my home. She has an eye for quickly seeing the possibilities and made my home much more livable. I could even find things because every thing had a spot! I just moved and wish I was closer so she could put my new place in order!  L.M., Los Altos Hills

Monica's organizing skills helped me beyond words and her housekeeping and cleaning skills brought peace to my house.  Read more... M.H., Astoria, OR

Monica works side-by-side with me while making suggestions for better organizing, providing cleaning tips, and dialing in on areas for improvement. Read more... S.H., Sunnyvale

We were all ready to go on a $30K-$40K remodel on part of our home to do in tandem with Monica's services. However, after 12 hours of working with Monica, we realized we don't need to do the project!  Read more... Shannon L., San Carlos, CA

I felt like she understood who I was and how I live so easily, and was able to help me make some huge changes in my space that actually work for me. She re-imagined my space better than I could have ever hoped, and taught me simple ways to re-organize the things that I had.  Read more...  Tiffany P., San Francisco

I was very overwhelmed and knew I needed some help to streamline and organize my life. That's where Monica comes in! She spent time learning about my life and my processes (or lack thereof). She found a way to organize my home so it was the most efficient it could possibly be.  Read more... Lauren S., Oakland

Hmm, well all I can say is WOW about Monica's professionalism, expertise, understanding, punctuality her listening skills and how she motivated me to keep my home in order. Now, I have a place for everything! I give her 3 thumbs up. Hire her! Thank you Monica. Althea H., San Francisco

Monica is a miracle worker. After taking over a business that was established in the 80's, she came in and helped me declutter 30 years worth of stuff, get organized and pick out new furniture for the office. I now feel a sense of satisfaction when coming into my office each day and she helped make the space open, inviting and usable. I have and will refer her to all my clients, friends and family.  Natalie S., Santa Clara

I can refer Monica without hesitation -- in fact, I have! She clears not only the physical clutter but the mental clutter. She helped me reimagine my space and got me to let go of items that were weighing me down. I walk into my house now and am thrilled with the orderly, open, clean feel. It is so much more fun to entertain because I know where everything is and my guests can open any drawer and I won't be ashamed. We also did my closets/clothes and it makes life so much simpler. She takes an emotional and difficult process and makes it so much easier. She always has your best interests in mind and becomes a trusted friend. Don't hesitate. Hire her!  Molly F., Los Altos

Monica is not just an expert organizer, but also offers life coaching throughout the organization process. It is absolutely amazing what she is able to accomplish in a mere hour. She literally transforms spaces to create aesthetically pleasing environments and is incredible at decluttering. She also brings her design expertise, and can immediately come up with a beautiful vision for any room. Did I mention she has the best personality?? Such a bright light and fun to work with. Two thumbs WAY up.  Jen B., Hayward

Monica is the type of person who is not just a service provider. She provides guidance, solutions and encouragement. A couple of years ago, we enlisted Monica's help with an organization overhaul. We were in dire need of a change and she was able to help us with that.  Read more...  Shannon H., Silicon Valley

My office was our family's catch-all and had gotten out of control. It was the last stop before stuff went to the garage, but often times didn't move from there. Every year I said I was going to organize it and the task was too daunting to ever start, until I hired Monica. She went through it with me systematically, helping me sort stuff into piles of keep, donate and throw away. We did it in 2 hour chunks so it was manageable.  Read more...  Joanne C., Sunnyvale

I often call Monica at Ambry Organizing my "Chief Household Officer". Since working with her a year ago, I've returned to work, lost 25 pounds, and hyper-optimized the day-to-day operations of my house.  Read more... C C., Palo Alto

Monica is amazing! She has done more for me in a few days then I've been able to accomplish in almost 10 years! She's never judgmental (no matter how much of a mess there is) and very respectful of your belongings. She has helped me do so much and I look forward to continuing to work with her! I strongly recommend!  Claudia L., Santa Clara

Monica is amazing!
I've known Monica for a few years and there are a lot of wonderful things that I can say but one thing I want to emphasize is that she is incredibly diligent. We've worked on many projects together and she compliments me in so many aspects. I've seen her work first hand and I would highly reccomend her in a heart beat. I enjoy working with Monica because her teamwork skills are incomprable. She goes above and beyond to satisfy her clients.  Jessica T., Menlo Park

I would just like to give a shout out to my colleague in the organizing business. Monica did a fabulous job on my Yorktown listing in Sunnyvale! She is very good at communicating and getting the task at hand done quickly. I highly recommend her.  Joe P., Santa Cruz

Monica is simply incredible. I would recommend her to anyone desiring to reduce the stress and clutter in their lives. She is positive, non-judgmental and enthusiastic for helping people declutter. My wife and I are busy professionals, and we simply don't have the time to think through how best to manage \ organize our household. Monica provides expert guidance regarding what to do with our stuff and - perhaps more importantly, how to optimize our systems and routines. She is a hard worker and well worth her fee. Don't hesitate to call her today!  Erik W., Mountain View

Monica is very professional on organizing and very efficient while working on my case. Monica is helping me to organize my office. I wanna say it's a big change! The best part that I love is right now almost everything of my work could find a home in my office. The filing cabinet is amazingly organizing used for my family/business/tax paperwork!  Grace P., Palo Alto

Monica is an amazing partner when it comes to organizing and maintaining sanity in our home. She is fast, efficient and incredibly creative in her caring for our home.  Karl H., Los Altos

We brought in Monica to help clean and declutter my parents' kitchen. We are very satisfied with the work she performed. To quote her own business description: she "gently coaches you through the process".

Monica is a kind and caring professional; she was so very patient when interacting with my elderly parents, respecting their ideas and feelings, while guiding them to let go of expired, unused and unnecessary items.

Her prices are reasonable. Don't hesitate to reach out to discuss a project and get a quote. You will not regret it.  Nicole F., San Francisco

Monica, simply put, is amazing. She has the gift of organization in all areas of your life! She has helped me move between homes and become more organized in my new home. She offers suggestions and solutions that transforms clutter into an asthetically beautiful, organized and simple space. She will work side by side with you or you can just give her direction and she will figure it out. I highly recommend Monica if you need organization expertise and guidance.  Marguerite F., Mountain View

Monica is the kindest soul I think I have ever known. She can turn any situation into something so much better than I could have imagined. She is way more than just an organizer! Her gentle and caring way is what sets her apart. She actually cares! I can't say enough good things.  Holly J., San Carlos