ambry [am-bree]  1. a storeroom, closet, or pantry.


Monica Bree is the owner of Ambry Organizing, based out of Mountain View, in the heart of Silicon Valley. As a professional organizer she adheres a strong code of ethics being licensed, bonded and insured. She is a member and ongoing student of both National Association Professional Organizers (NAPO) and the Institute For Challenging Disorganization (ICD).

Monica Bree coaches her clients and develops personalized organizational systems to simplifying their lives and redesign their spaces. Monica’s approach is tailored to each client to ensure long term success. Her friendly professionalism and work ethic set the tone for working with a variety of clients, including corporate executives, technical professionals, small business owners, physicians, artists, authors, teachers, and homemakers.

Monica Bree’s career began in retail as a merchandiser and store manager. She gained skills in transforming seasonal store layouts, and nurtured her love for design. These enriched her skillset in professional organizing. She not only trains her clients and their support staff through the organizational process, she also implements customized systems to fit their busy lifestyles.

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