I cannot say enough great things about Monica! I am a busy mother of two little kids, a business owner, and in charge of most of the household chores. I was very overwhelmed and knew I needed some help to streamline and organize my life. That's where Monica comes in! She spent time learning about my life and my processes (or lack thereof). She found a way to organize my home so it was the most efficient it could possibly be. Not only did she put into place streamlined procedures for how my life is today, she thought about how the procedures would make sense as my kids entered the new phases of their lives down the road.

While I look at Monica's services as an investment in my mental health and I am fine with the cost, I actually think she will end up saving me money long term. I was seriously considering bringing in a cleaning service every week (we are currently on a bi-weekly schedule). I now feel it is much easier for me to keep my home clean on my own and have decided I do not need a cleaning every week.

One last thing I want to say about Monica - she went very out of her way to make a special space for my 2 year old daughter. My daughter had never really had her own room before. Monica saw that she was at the age where she would really appreciate and thrive in her own space. I didn't even realize how much she would appreciate her own little nook and now she can't stop talking about it! I am completely blown away by Monica's services and would feel comfortable recommending her to my friends - in fact, I already have recommended her to a few friends! I'm so grateful for everything Monica has done for me and I look forward to working with her much more in the future!

- Lauren S., Oakland