Monica brought beauty and order to my home. I wanted a more pleasant home, but did not know how to start. When she visited the first time, she asked questions, listened, and got a sense of problem areas in my home, as well as relationships that had stuck areas--I needed space for adult connections, and needed defined spaces for children who are growing and maturing.

Monica has been incredible in helping us get organized. With 3 kids and lots of activities, the many pieces of our lives become overwhelming, with piles all over the place! Monica does a great job in making peaceful, maintainable organizing systems that work. Our home feels much nicer with her help.

In working with her, I gained hope that my home could be a more pleasant place, and had increased motivation to declutter in between sessions with her, because I knew that she could help me solve more complex organizational problems, and that I would not get lost. I have been pleasantly surprised at her recommendations for placement of furniture and art. I have not bought anything new, but have parted with what I no longer need, and made better use of what I already own. In doing so, I have, amazingly, gained a richer, better home that has space, both physically and mentally, for our current lives!

- T.C., Sunnyvale