Monica's approach to simplicity in my home was two fold. She came in with a caring understanding attitude that was also strong and encouraging. She came into one of the most personal aspects of my life without judgment. We worked tirelessly helping to clear out the clutter.

Once the hard part was done, Monica did not stop there! She was instrumental in helping me put on the finishing touches. One thing I love is when she would make a suggestion about a decor idea, and I did not like it, she was never offended, she would just say "okay, let's see what else will work", and oh boy did she make things work! My husband, who resists change in the worst way, could easily conform to the changes (he could see how happy it made me). It was always about me and my needs.

Since her help back in 2008, I have relocated. I called on Monica again, and though she cannot be here physically, she has helped me over the phone, email, and video. I have other options where I live now, but cannot bear the idea of anyone else helping me in this area. If you are fortunate enough to live near Monica I encourage you to get her help, big or small!

- J.N., Battleground, WA