Monica's organizing skills helped me beyond words and her housekeeping and cleaning skills brought peace to my house. 

First, Monica showed me how to declutter my home. In some areas, I was happy to let Monica declutter and reorganize. I was amazed with quick and lovely results. In other areas, I was more sensitive about decluttering. Monica respected my emotional and financial attachments to my possessions. She still accomplished amazing organizing results while respecting my boundaries.

Second, Monica showed me how to make the most of the furniture, artwork, and accessories in my home. Using what I had, she could rearrange a space to increase its function for my family and add beauty with elegance to any room in my house. After Monica worked her organizational magic, it was as if the room could breath.

Third, Monica can clean, quickly and thoroughly. She manages her own cleaning routine, including a systematic deep clean of certain items or rooms with each visit. Without having to ask, all of sudden your window sills are shining, or your oven is "de-crusted" inside, or all your light fixtures sparkle. And you didn't even ask. Monica simply does it.

When you do ask Monica to clean something specific she does it without question. If I was having company and needed the guest's room and bathroom to be perfect, Monica did it. If I was having a party and needed the downstairs to be ready, Monica did it. If I simply needed an overall, make the whole place look great so I can relax this weekend, Monica did it.

Finally, Monica is a pleasure to work with. Monica's attitude is about service and what she can do for you while she is there. It was easy and comfortable to work beside her on the days I could. It was also easy to trust her in my house on the days I worked. Monica was always dependable and trustworthy.

When Monica moved to California, I could have cried (I did, actually!). I am so happy write her a recommendation. I miss her every week, my family REALLY misses her, and so does the house! I highly recommend Monica for any organizing or housecleaning tasks you need accomplished - short term or long term. Monica will serve you, your family, and your home well.

- M.H., Astoria, OR