My office was our family's catch-all and had gotten out of control. It was the last stop before stuff went to the garage, but often times didn't move from there. Every year I said I was going to organize it and the task was too daunting to ever start, until I hired Monica. She went through it with me systematically, helping me sort stuff into piles of keep, donate and throw away. We did it in 2 hour chunks so it was manageable. She shopped for the containers and items to organize my office into a place I could work without clutter and easily access what I needed quickly. That was 2 years ago and my office is still organized thanks to the system she helped me put in place. From there, we organized my kitchen and my daughter's bedroom. She also made suggestions on ways to rearrange my furniture, move pictures and rugs to give the house a new look and feel. I couldn't recommend her enough. She's fabulous!

- Joann C., Sunnyvale