Monica has a gift for helping families and individuals. I am grateful for her, her talent, her insight, and her kindness. Working through streamlining a home, and the decision making that goes along with it can be difficult and emotional. I am so thankful Monica walked through this processes with us... not only for her talent, efficiency, and eye for style and design, but also for her warmth and understanding. She works well with everyone in our family, and makes everyone feel heard, understood, and supported.

I called Monica to help us blend two families. We went from a home with three people (one single mom and two young kids, ages 9 and 6) to a home with 6 people and a dog (mom, dad, and kids ages 17, 10, 9, and 6). I wanted to make sure my partner and his kids felt like this was their space too, and I wanted to make sure everyone felt like this was OUR family home. I tried to do it on my own, but realized I needed help. We all feel like this is now our family home, thanks to Monica.

Monica was quick to understand how we use our space, how we can make our space and the use of it more efficient, and she seamlessly integrated our styles to create a home that feels like our new blended family.

We've worked through organizing our master bedroom and bathroom, family room, and kitchen. Next-up is our kid's rooms, kids bathroom, and garage. Our kids can't wait to work with her. I was drawn to her for a number of reason, and her experience working with families with kids, and with blended families was a big one.

Working with her has not only been a pleasure as she helped guide us through integrating our family's space, but it has also saved us a significant amount of money. She rearranged the rooms and space in the home so that we do not need to do an addition or remodel to comfortably fit in our home. We were all ready to go on a $30K-$40K remodel on part of our home to do in tandem with Monica's services. However, after 12 hours of working with Monica, we realized we don't need to do the project!

- Shannon L., San Carlos