Monica is uniquely gifted as an Organizer!

She has been an incredible support to me in my home, as well as helping me organize events I have hosted, and supporting my aging mom when she was downsizing. 

Monica is incredibly capable in envisioning how to reconfigure and leverage storage or living space. But she doesn't "force fit" her solutions on her client. With her adept understanding of people, she tunes-in to each client in order to find the unique path that will work best to accomplish the goal. She is very practical, while also possessing a real talent for style and design.

Monica brings a tremendous (and rare!) combination: She is very results-oriented... I feel a real sense of progress every time after her visit. At the same time, she has a gift for coaching, counseling and encouragement. She creates a safe environment for what can be a very personal or sentimental process of letting go of things. I am often down on myself for my clutter. By the time Monica leaves, I feel lighter, relieved, and more accomplished. I cannot recommend Monica highly enough! She is a gem of a person and a stellar professional!"

- C.T., Mtn.View